About Us


FAAL® is a British company focusing on mining and mining services. Our founders’ experience in the business world has accumulated over generations relating back to ELHASSAN GROUP which was established in 1945.

Currently FAAL® has high-quality portfolio of operations, projects and exploration activities across several African countries, where we are committed to transform natural resources into tangible benefits and mutual prosperity for all stakeholders.

We also supply chemicals, spare arts, Machineries, and safety equipment to mining companies. To provide our clients with the best quality products, we constantly conduct considerable market and product research, continually develop our services in line with our client’s specifications, and actively invest in expanding our supply networks.

The Story


FAAL® was founded in 2017 using our accumulated knowledge and experience to provide services to companies within the Mining. Oil & Gas and agriculture sectors.

The Story


With the aim to become an international supplier and market leader, FAAL established its UAE subsidiary to provide services to companies in the Gulf region and Africa.

The Story


FAAL® WEST AFRICA was established to work closely with our clients in the region.

The Story


AGRICCO ® was founded in 2021 to provide services to companies within the agriculture sector.

The Story


PETROLEUMIN® was established to extend our services across the mining cycle, from initial exploration drilling to load and haul, providing our customers with a fully integrated mining services solution.